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6 Features of AMD's New Zen 3+ Core Architecture

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

AMD announced its full new lineup of AMD Ryzen 6000 "Rembrandt" Series processors for laptops, As per AMD its highly-efficient, Will give you an amazing battery life and will be extremely powerful. Because of its new "Zen 3+" core architecture with all-new AMD RDNA 2 architecture-based on-chip graphics. The new Zen 3+ is a refresh of the Zen 3 architecture and should not offer a lot of changes. The chip itself however, offers a lot of new features.

AMD also announced the new AMD 3D V-Cache technology for elite-level gaming performance. It will be features on Ryzen 7 5800X3D desktop processor. As per AMD it will dominate the competition on gaming. Also previewed the new Ryzen 7000 Series CPU powered by "Zen 4" architecture and using the new AMD Socket AM5. The new Zen 4 will be on TSMC’s 5nm process technology.

Zen 3+ processor based laptops are very near and may come within 3-4 month with some fantastic features. Here we will list some of the best features of AMD's new processor and GPUs.

1. AMD Zen 3+ Core architecture based chips will be on TSMC's 6nm process technology. This is the first AMD processor to reach 5GHz speed. AMD says This processor will serve 1.3X faster processing and 2X faster graphics performance compare to its predecessor AMD 5000 series CPUs. and they’re also the first chips to support ray-tracing on integrated graphics. This iGPU on their fastest CPU may beat NVIDIA's MX450 dGPU in gaming performance. AMD also says you can play a good 1080p Games on playable FPS on your iGPU without any trouble.

2. AMD Zen 3+ will support new devices and ports like USB 4 which can be an answer to intel's thunderbolt 4. AMD always suffered with this disability of its CPUs to not support the thunderbolt 4. But now new CPUs will support USB 4. Apart from this it will come with the support of Wi-Fi 6E which will work on unlicensed band 6. Previous Wi-Fi till Wi-Fi 6 was on 2.4 GHz or 5GHz bands this time Wi-Fi 6E will support 6 Ghz band which gives you much broader area to receive and send signals.

DDR5 is the new RAM which can starts from 4800Mhz and currently boosting upto 6400Mhz. Its expected to reach by 8400Mhz in coming years. DDR5 also allows for higher density improvements. With DDR4, the most you could get on a single DIMM was limited till 32GB. So on a motherboard with 2 DIMM slots, the most you could get was 64GB of RAM on a single system. This is because DDR4 modules have 16 Gbit chips at most. with DDR5 now it can handle upto 64GB each and the same system can go upto 128GB.

Apart from this new Processor will also support,

1. New DDR5 memory for faster Processing.

2. Ports and peripherals support with PCIe 4.0 and USB4.

3. AI noise cancellation to filter background noise.

4. Powerful and new Wi-Fi 6E.

3. AMD RDNA 2 Architecture-Based Graphics

AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processors are also the first mobile processors to feature RDNA 2 architecture-based built-in graphics. Its graphics performance are expected up to twice as fast as the last gen, it’s the world’s first on-chip graphics that can easily play the majority of PC games in FHD. It has support for ultra-high resolutions and refresh rates. AMD Ryzen 6000 Series enables up to 70% faster AAA gaming compared to the competition. It also support Dynamic HDR displays, and AMD FreeSync technology.

4. AMD's new processor is very power efficient compare to its predecessor 5000 series processors. The company claims Ryzen 6000 has 30% lower power consumption during video conferencing, reduces power by 15% during web browsing, and it saves 40% power during video streaming compare to its previous gen 5000 series processors. AMD also claims that 6nm based processors series can give upto 24-hour battery life.

5. New AMD processor Ryzen 9 based 6980HX and 6980HS are the first processors to hit 5GHz mark by AMD. Its specially made for high end powerful gaming laptops. These 2 processors are based on 8 cores and 16 threads with base clock of 3.3 Ghz and boost upto 5Ghz These chips are also based on 6nm process. 6980HX are processor which allows you to perform overclocking on it and performs best. 6980HS comes with little less limited TDP.

6. MS Pluton Security this time AMD worked with Microsoft to create the best consumer based secure CPU. It will allow to store the key, licenses, and secure password into a special place on processor called pluton. Its a hardware part integrated within processor die. therefore more difficult for attackers to access, even if they have physical access. Pluton is essentially an evolution of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that’s present in the CPU.

7. All processor lineups from zen3+ 6000 processors.

So these are few features of new AMD Zen 3+ based processor architecture. For more details you can visit our YouTube video below.

Note : Video is in Hindi.


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