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Thanks for details! please make a payment to RepairMeOrders@ybl

Steps to buy License..

Step 1 : Submit the form (All fields mandatory).

Step 2 : Make payment to

RepairMeOrders@ybl          or    

Name : Lahari RMS

Step 3 :  We will send an email to you on submitted email ID. Please reply with the payment reference number.

Step 4 : Once we receives the details . You will get your license number within 24Hrs.

Note :

  •  License Price is Rs 49/ Only.

  • Amount less than 49 considered as donation and no license will be allocated to user.

  • Amount more than 49 considered in 2 parts (1 License + donation) and only one license will be allocated to user.

  • Donation more than Rs 100 will get featured in this page for finite time.

  • Please read Terms & Conditions for more details.

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Vishwas Mukesh
Ankit Singh Danu
Anil Singh
Shobhit Jaiswal
Sahil Rawat
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Download RepairMe today and start optimizing your Windows system.

Want to Get More from your Computer ?

Why you should have RepairME ?

  • 1-Click Software Download| Setup | Update.

  • Problem wise Solution design.

  • Best System Setup for Best Output.

  • Cheapest License Price.

  • Complete Offline System.

  • Optimize For Gaming, Performance, Disk Usage, First Setup etc..

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Gaming Performance

It helps you improve your gaming performance by enabling/ Disabling settings, services, and features some recommended by Microsoft itself to give you extra boost.


Improve Performance

It Actually does what it says.

This application will help to stop non-usable background services, lighten you startup, Repair and resolve integrity issues if any, Setup disk for best performance, long life and many more.


New Laptop Don't Worry

Bought new laptop and don't know what and how to setup for best performance ? We got you covered. Our Application will help you configure your brand new laptop for security, performance, Software requirements with best and secure windows configuration.

System Requirements

System Requirements

System Requirements to run RepairMe in your system.

  1. 50 MB of Space. (This is only for Application.)

  2. 500 MB: We take 2 backups of your registry.

    • First is the backup of registry of the day when you start using our application.

    • Second backup is a daily backup of your registry. (Note you can delete both if not required, But recovery will be difficult)

  3. Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Only.

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