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Acer is again offering to increase its RTX 30 series GPUs TGP

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

This is a great new for user users that Acer is again offering to increase their laptops users with increased TGP value for GPUs now this will defiantly give a boost to your gaming and content creation work. So tighten your seat belt for this amazing update from acer which may come through bios update.

Now we also need to observe theta whether the existing fans and cooling system will be able to maintain good temperature with this increased power of their GPUs use or they falls behind it.

Because Acer Nitro series is rally doing great with temps but if they are increasing the TGPs ten defiantly your GPUs will give more performance but at the same time it will produce more heat as well. Which laptops cooling system must be able to maintain so in the case of Nitro it may be possible that it will be able to maintain but need to observe for Helios and other series.

TGP can play a big role in graphics cards performance. A lower-end SKU (e.g. RTX 3060) with higher TGP can often surpass a higher-end SKU ((e.g. RTX 3070)), only because it wasn’t power-constrained through BIOS settings. This time NVIDIA has given notebook makers a lot of freedom in deciding which TGP variant should the mobile graphics card be set to. That's why there is no marking for MaxP or MaxQ variants this time. But at the same time its become difficult to non technical or less technical people to understand what this TGP value is and what should we make it with this.

We have a video on our YouTube channel to know about what is TGP, TBP and TDP if you are new to these terms do checkout that video. (Note : Its in Hindi).

As per below list looks like some of the laptops really got good TGP increased value for their GPUs and if Acer gives what's we got in the below list then laptops gaming performance will going to blow users mind.

List of Graphics cards with laptop models which are getting BIOS update for GPU new TGPs.


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