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RepairMe : Best System Maintenance Software with everything

Updated: May 16, 2023

RepairMe is one of the best software solution for your system maintenance process. Its designed based on your needs. So you don't have to travel through multiple options to achieve single task. Like you want to improve system performance then you just have to visit 'System Performance' menu to achieve the same. if you want gaming Performance just visit 'Gaming Performance' section to achieve the same.

This software has multiple solutions, and all are working and effects your system for your desire results. In this post we will explain all the options which we are proposing you and also how they work and the effects.

Use it to know it and its free : Click here

You should Know

  1. RepairMe makes some changes as per requirement on your system registry. That is why we prefer to create backup of your 2 registry parent folders - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_LOCAL_USER. We also prefer to create two type of backups one is the backup of your registry of the day when you first started our application. Second backup is a backup whenever you open our application. Location of the backups are a) First Time backup: RepairMe/Backup/ Oldbackup. b) Regular backup: RepairMe/Backup/. The backup is for your system safety, if you want to restore your registry from the backup you can do the same by just double clicking on the registry backups and following the on-screen instructions. If you don't wish to take backups of your registry, simply delete the folder.RepairMe/Backup/ Oldbackup. b) Regular backup: RepairMe/Backup/ . The backup is for your system safety, if you want to restore your registry from the backup you can do the same by just double clicking on the registry backups and following the on-screen instructions. If you don't wish to take backups of your registry, simply delete the folder.

  2. UserID : Its a unique id generated from our system to identify you uniquely . We also requires userID when you want to register the application with us for license.

  3. Payments : Currently we only accepts payment via UPI soon we will implement the payment gateways as well.

  4. RepairMe is a complete offline system. Only while license requirement its validation, Application updates, Windows update we need internet access with your concern. we do not send any user critical information from your system to us or anywhere else.

System Cleanup

User Temp Files

Applications and programs stores lots of temporary files to access it on temporary basis once they have used it those files are of no use. It can take lot of storage space on your computer. It is recommended to keep this directory clean if you are running out of space or need more space. Its a user related data which we can delete safely and will not harm your system in anyway.

Win Temp Files

The Temporary files created by the Windows operating system are usually stored in the %system%\Windows\Temp folder. Its safe to delete once the usage are over. If windows are still using it you will not be able to delete those files . So its safe to try to select all the files and delete it. Whatever is getting used by windows it will prompt user and update you that windows is not able to delete it as its getting used by other applications.

Prefetch Files

Prefetch is a background windows services which fetches the resources and data required to run an application which user may launch in future. It makes the application execution faster. But If you are using SSD and having a powerful machine then you may not required this service to run in background. You can delete the files it fetches in advance and disable the service from our performance TAB.



Yes, it is definitely safe to delete Memory.dmp file. It is only used to identify the cause of system crashes so If the system crash was already fixed or the system is already stable then you don't have any use for this dmp file.

But if you still need to troubleshoot the BSOD error it is best that you don't delete it.

What is minidump folder ?

Yes, it is okay to delete Windows error reports. These reports are created when an error or crash occurs and contain information that can help Microsoft troubleshoot the issue. However, if you are not experiencing any issues with your computer, you can safely delete these files.

Windows Error Logs

Error log stores all the information with date and time of error occurred in windows processing with reason as to why this happen.

As long as your windows is running smooth with no issue and you don't feel to diagnose the issue why it occurred then you don't need these files. It is perfectly safe to delete.

MS Store Cache Files

to behavMS Store cache includes various files, images, downloaded temp files etc.. These are accumulated in your system when you use MS store. Sometimes these files gets corrupted or conflicts which allows your store or APPS to behave strange. Best way to overcome this problem is to reset your MS Store it will clear the cache as well.

Delete Thumbnail Cache

A thumbnail cache is a file that contains thumbnail images of all the photos, videos, and documents on your computer.

This allows Windows to display small versions of files, called thumbnails, in File Explorer windows without opening the files themselves.

Sometime it creates problem like . It may become corrupted, become very large, taking up a significant amount of space and many others. Deleting these files will reduce the size and fetch the newly updated thumbnail version of the file.

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin temporarily stores the deleted files and folders for some time. You can manually clears it by right clicking on it and selecting empty recycle bin option from menu.

Software Distribution

This folder contains the files required to update your windows. After update few files stays there without any purpose so its safe to delete the files and content of the Software Distribution folder which are not getting used by windows update services. Even if you deletes the required files windows will download the fresh copy again if required.

Delivery Optimization

Delivery Optimization is a feature that allows you to download Windows updates and apps from sources other than the Microsoft Store. When you enable Delivery Optimization, your device will download updates and apps from Microsoft's servers, as well as from other devices on your local network or the internet that are also using Delivery Optimization.

it is perfectly safe to delete the files inside it . If Windows needs files then it can download again the fresh new copy of the files and use it.

Optimizing Browser

Is it safe to delete browsing cache, History and cookies ?

Cache files : Whenever you access a website it stores some of the files from its server to your local machine in order to show you that website. In general your browser anyway is going to delete all these files on its own by manually deleting those files you are just helping browser to work less.

Clearly it will not delete your saved files, bookmarks, emails, posts , text messages etc..

Cookies Files : Cookies are text files with small pieces of data — like a username and password — that are used to identify your computer.

History : These files are collection of list of websites you visited previously.

Clear DNS Entry

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It translates human-readable domain names ( ) into numerical IP addresses ( ) that computers can understand. When you enter a website's domain name into your web browser, your computer sends a request to the DNS server to resolve the domain name into an IP address. The DNS server responds with the IP address for the website, and your computer uses this address to connect to the website's server and retrieve the website's content.

It is perfectly safe to delete the DNS entries in your system. It only removes all the invalid, corrupted entries from your DNS entries and refreshes it with new updated one. It just takes few min only to fetch the new and updated entries from server.

Google or CloudFlare DNS which is good ?

As per some tests and analysis done by .. both of them are best and very quick in proving the mapping results of DNS name and IP address to the end users.

But still there is few difference in between these 2 giants.

1. CloudFlare provides a best routing services with user privacy. The traffic sent by user will not get recorded at the end of CloudFlare. Where Google is popular because its backed by google and fast as well. But google may scan your traffic for proving you interest based traffic.

2. Google Services don't provide DNS filtering services where CloudFlare provides the same .

3. CloudFlare provides extra software for extra settings on your windows , android, iOS and Mac.

DNS filtering is a solution for preventing spam emails from being sent from known malicious IP addresses

Optimizing System

Services which are safe to stop which saves your system resources.

  1. CUET : Connected User Experiences and Telemetry also known as Universal Telemetry Client (UTC). It is a service which allows Microsoft to collect data about how operating system is being used. Like performance, Features, Applications etc.. Its a background service which runs in the background collects these data and sends to Microsoft.

  2. Touch Kb & Pen : It allow you to use a touchscreen or a stylus (such as a digital pen) to input text and draw or write on your device. So if you are not using these stylus pen or touch based keyboards then its perfectly fine to stop these services.

  3. Telephony : If you are not using below services or applications then its perfectly safe to disable telephony services.

    1. Multicast multimedia IP conferencing.

    2. Voice calls over the Internet (VoIP).

    3. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Center client and server applications

    4. Basic voice calls on the PSTN

    5. PBX-like controls such as call park and selective forwarding on a corporate phone network without the need to invest in specialized hardware

    6. Interactive voice response (IVR) systems

    7. Real-time collaboration

  4. Search : The Windows Search makes indexes so if you disable it, Future searching of files may take more time then normal. but windows search consumes significance amount of CPU resources in the background and gives you searching functionality. So if you falls under below cases then you can disable the search services to save some more CPU resources for your use.

    1. Faster CPU and Hard disk

    2. Any type of CPU with SSD (SATA/ NVME).

    3. If you have slower CPU and old hard disk and you perform lots of file, file content, file type searching in your system then you probably need to keep it on.

  5. Sysmain and Prefetch Services : Sysmain previously know as Superfetch loads commonly used programs into memory for faster startup. Even if you're not using them, Prefetch is a similar feature introduced that also collects data about programs to help them start faster. Disabling his Prefetch and SuperFetch for SSD drives is actually unnecessary, unlike many blog posts. It's true that Prefetch and SuperFetch don't offer much benefit for launching applications from SSD drives because they're faster anyway. At this point, the service can actually be turned off.

  6. wisvc : Windows Insider Services . The wisvc is considered an unnecessary service for you if you don’t want to join the Windows Insider program. So if you are not the part of insider program services running on their PC may hamper performance so better switch it off.

  7. Remote Desktop : Allows users to connect interactively to a remote computer. Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Session Host Server depend on this service. So if you are not using these services from your personal computer then better to stop these services to save some CPU resources.

  8. Smart Card : Smart Card Service manages access to smart cards read by your computer.

  9. Fax Services : Windows 10 includes Fax services that lets you connect to a phone line or fax modem which will allow you to send and receive faxes.

  10. Retail Demo : These Services gives a set of feature that is intended for use in retail settings, such as stores, shops or other places where customers can try out Windows 10 devices. It is designed to showcase the features and capabilities of Windows 10 to customers in a controlled environment.

  11. Remote Registry : The Remote Registry service enables remote users to modify registry settings with appropriate permissions on the domain controller. The service's default configuration allows only members of the Administrators and Backup Operators to perform the required activity.

  12. ALLJoyn : Alljoyn Router service is open source software of AllSeen Alliance. This service is dedicated to Windows 10. It enables the system to communicate with other services via IoT (Internet of Things) and, it makes it easier for other devices with other operating systems to process and understand information's.

  13. Maps Services : Windows 10 have dedicated maps app which allows its users to access downloaded maps. So if you are not using this and depends on google maps which is more accessible from mobile, PC or Tabs then go ahead and disable this service.

  14. CP Services : This service is for validating smart card from your laptops smart card reader slot or external smart card reader. It ads the certificate to your computer. Its typically used in enterprise or corporate environment or if you use any service for your personal business. You can disable this service if you are not using it.

  15. Mobile Hotspot Service : This service will make your laptop a hotspot. So that other devices near your reach can use your laptops internet connection. So if you have dedicated Wi-Fi connection in your home or office which is accessible to you and others or if you don't use hotspot services then you are safe to disable this service.

Enable / Disable Widgets.

Windows widgets introduced in windows 10 for users to check latest news, Calendar, weather, etc, without interrupting your workflow. You can visit the widget by pressing the button at the bottom of your taskbar.

Resolve System Integrity Issue.

Our application uses SFC (System File Checker) command internally which checks all the system files including all system dll and sys files and find all the corrupted and damaged files. If it finds one it replaces it with the fresh files from system backup. So if you are facing any system related problems you can try this. Up to some extent it may resolve your problems.

Scan & Repair System Issues .

Our application uses DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) command internally which is capable of fixing some of the major operating system-related issues. It is one of the best tool that can solve your problem in the cases where commands like SFC failed to act. It scans for any potential error and tries to resolve it before it can impact your operating system functionalities.

List all Startup Apps.

It will open up the windows settings startup APP window from where you can disable the apps which you think is not required or you are not using it. Disabling these startup Apps saves a lot of resources from your system to work smoothly.

Best System Setup

System restoration point

It creates a restoration point of your system with option 'Modify_Settings' . If your system falls under the pray of some virus or its behaving abnormally. First try options from our application 'Resolve System Integrity Issue' and the 'Scan & Repair System Issues ' from 'System Performance' TAB. If still you are not able to get your windows behave properly then you can try to restore the system to the point previously stored. It will resolve all the problems for sure.

Windows Updates

This will download and install the latest windows update in your system with supported drivers.

Disable unwanted services from background

Disable unwanted policies

It will disable the list of policies given below. But before that it creates a backup of registry and saves it on your desktop. If you are not happy with the changes you can revert the registry changes by just applying the registry backup.

  1. Tailored Experiences in Diagnostic Data.

  2. Inking and Typing

  3. Advertising ID

  4. Telemetry Services

Update all applications

It will update all the applications whose updates are pending or new versions are available. It has 2 options first (Check List) will fetch the list of applications with pending updates. you can see the list in a notepad fil which will appears in front of you once it completes the scan.

Second button (Upgrade) will update all the applications which was listed before with latest version.

Enable/ Disable Widgets.

Change DNS connection

List Startup Apps To Disable

Uninstall Bloatware

These are the software's / Applications which comes by default from the manufacturer to the user to use it. Some of them are useful but most are not . You can uninstall these Applications if you think those are not useful to you and eating up lots of your resources.

Download Required Apps

As a new system you may need lots of applications to work . We have created a list of free applications which may help you in your daily task like zip, media players, office, Gaming clients, text editors etc..

We also have a dedicated page to download directly from websites. Link

Setup Windows Visual Effects

Windows have by default 3 different visual effects 'Best Appearance', 'Best Performance' , ' Let Windows Choose' . You can choose ' Best Performance' if you want your system to perform at its best because other options takes few resources from your system and that return reduces the amount of juice your system may need. But also it runs on top speed and power supply so it may heat up a little and eats up you battery fast if you are on laptop.

Disk Utility

Optimize your SSD

SSD are not built to perform defragmentation. Its best to use trim on SSD to increase their performance . We use trim functionality internally once you clicks on the optimize button. This option comes with a selection list option . where you will only see your SSD drives and not hard drives.

Defragment your HDD

Defragmentation is the process of reorganizing the data stored on the hard drive so that related pieces of data are put back together, all lined up in a sequence. It helps to improves your data reading speed of your hard disk. This option comes with a selection list option . where you will only see your HDD drives and not SSDs.

Disk Cleanup

It performs disk cleanup activity on your selected drive which you can select from the selection list given. It helps to remove all the junk , cache files available on your drive which is occupying your space.

Enable/ Disable indexing of SSD

Indexing allows windows to search files faster. But also occupies some space in your drive. If you have SSD then you don't need this indexing because SSD are fast enough. Also you don't want indexing table to occupy some space and keeps writing on it.

If you are confuse what to do then better follow the below rule . It will help you to take decision

  1. Good CPU and a standard hard drive = Keep indexing on

  2. Slow CPU and any hard drive = Turn indexing off

  3. Any CPU with an SSD (OS Drive) = Turn indexing off

Disable Defragmentation Schedule

Windows by default defrags your drive to keep the data in line. But SSD don't need these as they are fast enough to search the files and find the data you need. Also defragmentation includes lots of bits writing and reading which in turn reduces your SSD life. SO why not better disable it. Although its good for HDDs which you can always perform using our applications HDD defragmentation option.

Gaming Performance

This section will help you to understand the changes we do to improve gaming performance.

Disable Memory Integrity

Memory integrity is a feature which utilizes core isolation in windows 11. This helps you to fight against malicious code and cyber threats.

Core isolation : Your OS segregates the critical core processes from rest all process. It helps your system to achieve more security from expected threats. Its a kind of vault where only allowed have access to and not others. But this features utilizes lot of system resource and core process . so while gaming you can disable it to get more cores resources to work for your game.

Prioritize Gaming

This changes make some important entries explained in below video to provide top priority to your game from your system. This way it will get maximum resources from your system and gives you best performance.

High performance power plan

Every system generally have 3 power plans "Power Saver", "Balanced" and "High Performance" some OEM may provide their own customize power plans as well.

Enabling High Performance Power Plan will give your components (CPU, GPU etc..) full power supply and boost which leads to higher performance. But it consumes lots of energy as well which will drain your battery much faster if you are on laptops.

Enable/ Disable "VMP"

VMP : Virtual Machine Platform. It provides a platform to create virtual machines on your system for testing or learning purpose. It allocates fixed amount of RAM, Storage and CPU resources to run the VMs on your system. So if you are not using or planning to use the VMs you can disable this option. This also burns your CPU resources which you can utilize while gaming or CPU intensive works.

Switch to Game Mode

This option disables lot of running services from background, updates few registry entries for best performance and sets your system components on full power. This change allocates maximum resources to your gaming which boost your gaming performance. As it makes lot of changes so it is recommended to revert it back once you are out of your gaming world.

Also its best if you enable all the above recommended settings given in Gaming Performance section to get more performance.

System information

This section provides some of the main components information which is really critical to know by the user.

Components includes

  1. CPU : Central Processing Unit.

  2. GPU : Graphical Processing Unit

  3. RAM : Random Access Memory

  4. Drive : System drives (C Drive, D drive etc..)

  5. Board : Mother Board

  6. OS : Operating System

  7. Battery : Battery report (Only for laptops)

  8. Status : It shows the main components health status. (CPU, GPU, RAM, Board, Disks)


Here we have provided lots of applications which you may required if you are setting your laptop for the first time or just want to try some new software. You just have to select the applications you want to install and click on install button to start the process. It will install all the selected applications without need of manual intervention.

These are the functionality RepairMe provides. Comment below if you want us to add some more functionalities on it.


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