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Steam added 28 new Free to play games. Claim them now.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Everyone loves free games. Today we have a list of 28 games which are available on steam to claim and keep forever.

Most of us would love to spend some time playing games it helps to distract us from our daily routine and stress. In todays list we have some games which are specially made for that kind of support only. So without further due lets get straight into the list of our upcoming favorite games.

All the games mention in below list is having a great rating by its players.

  1. Neonscape : A very intense hack-and-slash kind of first person fast moving game.

  2. Shire Scopes : Its a multiplayer third person shooter game designed in medieval setup. You will get a Sniper or sword to defend and score high.

  3. Scholar's Mate First Move : Its a horror game. The size is very small few of the players have finished the game within hour as well.

  4. Bongus Bright-eye & The Great Axe-stravaganza : A Brilliant game with classic point and shoot theme.

  5. Edemn : A fast paced classic shooting game like Quack 2.

  6. Bucket Brawl Ahlman Edition : An arena based fighting game which may remind you of animal crossing.

  7. Anyu : Set in frozen wasteand where you have to explore and survive.

  8. Undawn : A post apocalyptic huge open world survival game where you can explore and adapt to survive.

  9. Solar Showdown : You will store solar power to build your defense and produce minions. Its a 2 player game.

  10. The Stranded Traveler : A 2D style side scrolling adventure game where you will travel. Its a retro game.

  1. Let’s School: Homeroom : Its a simulator based indie game.

  2. Survival & Horror: Hangman's Rope Prologue : Its a wild west horror and survival game with good graphics.

  3. The Archipelago Promise : You will play as Ethen who is searching for his twin Thomas in a open world survival adventures world.

  4. War Gun : A multiplayer game with multiple maps and weapons

  5. Downbass Warriors: Heroes of Maydamn : This is in early access for now. Its a first persona enjoayable game.

  6. Home Sweet Home- Online : Its a multiplayer 4X4 horror game where player have to collect as many solus as they can to win the match.

  7. Divided Skies : This game is set in Mumbai and its a open world fighting game.

  8. RAW Nerve : Its a driving skill based game in a open galaxy.

  9. Snotty’s Sewer : Its a indie horror game set in a sewer where you have to outrun a following character.

  10. A Bad Day For A Hangover : A game where you have to fight bad robots and to stay alive you are depend on alcohol.

  11. Galactic Grinder : A side scrolling skate-boarding game set in outer space.

  12. Spy Rumble : Find an enemy spies disrupt them and stop their activities.

  13. BREACH : Its a first personal shooter multiplayer game.

  14. Temtem Showdown : A competitive action based free multiplayer battle simulator game.

  15. Doomsday: Last Survivors : Its a zombie based tower defense game.

  16. Swelter : Its a half life 2 type of game.

  17. Monster Racing League : A funny racing game where you will race with other monster's to win.

  18. World Boss : A free to play online multiplayer game with lots of weapons and skins.

These game may help you in your stressful time. Do comment below which one you liked more.


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