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RTX 4060 Ti 16GB vs RX 6750 XT 12GB - Which is best ?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti and AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT are the best budget GPUs for gamers who likes to play games at 1080p and 1440p both atleast for next 3-4 years. As we progress further into this comparison, we’ll assess each GPU’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their price-to-performance ratio.

NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti 16 GB

NVIDIA launched its new 4060 Ti on 18th July which was a 16 GB VRAM variant. Its 8 GB variant was launched last month in June 2023. It’s an upgraded version of the Radeon RX 6700 XT mid-range GPU.

AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT 12 GB

AMDs last gen RDNA 2 based 6000 series GPU 6750 XT GPU with 12 GB of VRAM launched on 3rd March 2022. We have used Sapaharie's Nitro + RX 6750 XT 12 GB for benchmark. Sapaharie's GPU is a heavy 3 fan model that's why it comes with a handle from Sapaharie only to support your GPU. You will get this handle in box only.

Configuration Specs


RTX 4060 Ti

RX 6750 XT



Navi 22




Texture Units



Raytracing Cores



Base Clock

2310 MHz

2150 MHz

Boost Clock

2535 MHz

2600 MHz




Memory Speed

18 Gbps

18 Gbps

Memory Interface









Architectural Differences

Process Size: Starting off the architectural differences, the RTX 4060 Ti has processing nodes of 5nm, whilst the RX 6750 XT has processing nodes of 6nm.

Clock Speeds: The RTX 4060 Ti has a base clock of 2310MHz, which boosts up to 2535MHz. Meanwhile, the RX 6750 XT has a base frequency of 2150MHz, which boosts up to 2600MHz.

VRAM: The RTX 4060 Ti has a smaller VRAM size of 16GB, whereas the RX 6750 XT has a smaller VRAM size of 12GB. This difference is significant, as this may help you for a smooth experience.

Bus Width: The 192-bit bus width is also better on the RX 6750 XT than the RTX 4060 Ti’s 128-bit bus.

TDP: Finally, the TDP of the RTX 4060 Ti is 160W, whereas the RX 6750 XT can draw up to 250W.

The RTX 4060 Ti runs at a Boost clock speed of 2535 MHz compared to RX 6750 XT its 65 MHz less in boost clock speed. These higher clock speeds and with higher memory bandwidth of 192-Bit compared to 128-Bit in RTX 4060 Ti give the RX 6750 XT an edge in raw computational power, as can be seen in most benchmarks.

As per few reviews as well both NVIDIA's RTX 4060 Ti (16GB & 8 GB) was unable to put a good impression on reviewers and user's mind. Even after its new DLSS 3 Frame generation technology the raw performance was really unexpected. Frame generation Is giving approx. double the frames in you same rig same game and is able to generate new frames using AI as well, but the quality of the new frames is very poor. It may take some more time for NVIDIA to improve this technology for gamers and games.

on the other hand, raw performance wise AMDs RX 6750 XT is approx. similar to NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti but at lower price. It also supports FSR 2.0 and it may support AMD's upcoming FSR 3 as well. Which we expect will improve the gaming performance even further.

Benchmarks Results - 6 Games Tested.

Now let's see some of the benchmark results comparing RTX 4060 Ti and Radeon RX 6750 XT which may give you some idea about the GPU's performance. It may also help you to decide which GPU you must consider in the given budget.

For testing, all AMD and Nvidia GPUs were clocked at their official specifications, with no factory overclocking. All the data collected is fresh for this review and was gathered in the past week.

PC configuration

CPU : Ryzen 9 5950X

RAM : 16GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200

Storage : WD SN570 512GB

Board : ASRock X570 Velocita using the latest BIOS.

PSU : XPG Core Reactor 850W

All games were tested at highest settings with 1440p resolution raw performance.

Tested Games

RTX 4060 Ti 16GB

RX 6750 XT 12GB

Red Dead Redemption 2



Hogwards Legecy



Far Cry 6



AC - Valhalla






Cyberpunk 2077



The Last of US Part1



God of WAR



Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered



On average, the performance of these two cards is essentially the same. The only real difference you might notice is the better price per frames you will get in AMD GPU.

It is also important to mention that the RTX 4060 Ti has a trick up its sleeve that can improve its performance drastically with DLSS 3. We need to wait for FSr3 to come which may give some extra push to AMD 6000 series GPUs.

Nonetheless, the RX 6750 XT has more raw performance than the RTX 4060 Ti, and it can keep up with the DLSS performance of the RTX 4060 Ti when AMD eventually rolls out its take on frame generation, assuming that all AMD cards will support it.

For full review on AMD RX 6750 XT 12 GB You can refer our video below.


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