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This NVIDIA RTX 3070 comes with a VRAM Switch (8GB or 16GB)

A famous modders Paulo Gomes from brazil teams up with Casual Gamers to make a very interesting project. They successfully modded a RTX 3070 GPU with more VRAM and added a physical toggle switch to move from 8GB VRAM to 16GB VRAM.

The card which they modded is MSI Ventus 2X model that has been upgraded with higher capacity VRAM. The switch probably shorts the necessary pins and switches between two BIOSes to make this all work.

Of course, such a graphics card and switch makes no sense. User only needs a card with 16GB capacity which will serve the purpose of gaming and other tasks.

As per the youtuber Casual Gamers this card is giving them extra buffer benefit in games, less stutter and bit of a performance as well. They have tested the game in few games like The Last Of Us at 1440p, ultra settings which is little memory intensive.

so at 8GB card is giving 51FPS and with 16 GB its They have tested Resident Evil 4 as well with custom settings and max textures at 8GB card was giving 51.7 FPS and with 16GB VRAM 66.4 FPS.

​Game Name




The Last Of Us




The Last Of Us




Resident Evil 4

Custom (Higest Texture)



Resident Evil 4

Custom (higest Texture)



This is not the first project from the team they have previously also modded many NVIDIA and AMD GPUs before like RTX 3060 and added extra 4GB VRAM to make it 12GB VRAM graphics card. They have also modded AMD Radeon GPU RX 5600XT to make it 12GB of GPU.

Paulo Gomes have a huge fan base on YouTube who loves to see them modding the GPU and doing some crazy experiments.


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