Testing RTX YouTube Channel's 10,000 Subs Giveaway

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

So finally we crossed 10,000 Subscribers huge milestone and I really like to thanks everyone for this. Specially people who are stuck with me since my starting days and supported me in every case.

So today in occasion of completing this big milestone I planned a small giveaway for my friends. below are the simple rules which you have to follow to get your prizes.

There will be 4 different winners for this giveaway .Each winner will get 500 Rupee gift voucher (Amazon Gift Voucher, Steam Gift Voucher or GPay to your account).

It may be a small prize or amount but this is what I can afford right now. Hope you understand this.

Simple Rules for Giveaway.

  1. You have to be Subscribed to our channel. If not subscribed yet please subscribe by clicking Subscribe link now.

  2. You have to follow our Instagram page. If not followed yet please follow us now.

  3. You have to share one of your favorite video from our library to at least 5 people in your circle and share the screen shot of that with us on our email ID : vijayvlogs@gmail.com

  4. In the same email write us about what you like about our channel videos and how did you find our channel.

Winners will be announced on 27th Dec 2020. Remember you have to follow all the steps to win the prize.

If you have any query please comment below or email us we will try our best to answer your questions..

Email : vijayvlogs@gmail.com

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