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You may loose your passwords, If you are using a Mechanical Keyboard

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

If you really like mechanical keyboards and their noise, then this article may make you think twice. As per a new development now hackers can almost tell that exactly what you're writing just by listening to you type.

Keytap3 is a software developed by Georgi Gerganov this application can detect which keys are being pressed by just listening to the sound it makes while hitting it within a range using an average microphone. This is also demonstrated by Gerganov using his mobile microphone and a mechanical keyboard. It's an example of 'acoustic eavesdropping'. Below is the video for your reference.

Gerganov explains how this software works. It "works by clustering the detected keystrokes based on their sound similarity and then using statistical information about the frequency of the letter n-grams in the supposed language of the text (for example, English)."

You can also try keytap3 at your home but need to follow some below given instructions.

1. It should be a quiet room.

2. Open This page on your phone or computer and put a mic which is connected to your phone or PC and put it near to your keyboard.

3. Press the Init button below and allow microphone access to the web page.

3. Note that the keyboard does not even have to be plugged in during this test.

4. Type some English text on the keyboard using only lowercase letters and space

5. Try not to type faster than 250 CPM

Finally, it's not a threat for now and only works with mechanical keyboards or keyboards with loud sound or may be keyboards which sound can be captured by your mobile mic. Even its not very accurate and I guess for now we don't have to worry much about it. Don't know if in future it comes with more refined versions of this software then it may become a threat for all of mechanical keyboard users.

There are few other applications also exist which can give your private information using keystrokes. Keystroke capturing dongles exist that can be plugged into a keyboard’s USB cable, and wireless keyboards can be exploited using hardware such as KeySweeper, a device that can record keyboards using the 2.4GHz frequency when placed in the same room.

There are even complex systems that use lasers to detect vibrations or fluctuations in powerlines to record what's being written on a nearby keyboard.

Still if you these mechanical keyboards are your thing then don't worry these things are far away from letting your data fly away from you. so, keep striking those keyboards as hard as you can.

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