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GALAX SLIDER-03 RGB Gaming Mouse Your First Gaming Mouse

GALAX is well known for its high-end Gaming components like GPU, Cooling fans, Memory and it also includes Gaming accessories. Today we got a chance to look into its one of the starting segment gaming mouse series SLIDER-03. A budget-friendly gaming mouse that is suitable for all your gaming needs.

I have been using SLIDER-03 since last few months. In this blog, I will be sharing my full review in terms of performance and durability. But first, let’s take a look at the features of the GALAX SLIDER-03.

In the Box

SLIDER-03 is a budget mouse with lots of extra features so they didn't spend much on accessories of mouse. In box you will only get a mouse in a transparent hard plastic cover. It will have a single paper inside which explains about some of the mouse features and how to claim your warranty.


SLIDER-03 by GALAX is completely a plastic build mouse but its solid and size is best fit for all hand types. Top layer is furnished with non-slippery material like rubber cover. It helps to give you really good grip while gaming and specifically for people with sweaty hands.

Cable is breaded type with length of approx. 1.5 meter. Other side its equipped with USB type connection.

Wheel is little big compared to the one which I have used yet and also made in plastic. Above that you will get very thin layer of rubber for grip. RGB effects are visible to this wheel as well.

It has total of 5 in built buttons. Top you will get 3 buttons in which first is a roller second just below roller is a DPI changer which lies from 1200-7200. Last button is for changing RGB effects.


Below are the main features which you need to check out.

  1. SLIDER-03 is RGB Gaming mouse comes with many eyes catching RGB effects and those all are configurable on GALAX APP.

  2. It has dedicated DPI settings button which ranges from 1200-7200.

  3. 7 PROGRAMMABLE MACRO KEYS: Choose from factory preset key settings or fully configure to your liking using GALAX software.

  4. It has a polling rate of 125 Hz.

  5. It has GALAX inhouse gaming sensor.

Overall mouse is good and features rich. You can buy this and use it as your first gaming mouse with some great RGB effects. It is available on amazon and GALAX site to buy at a price of 999 INR only as per todays (19-10-2022) price.

For full review of the mouse, you can watch our dedicated video on the GALAX SLIDER-03.

Comment below if you have any questions regarding the mouse, we will be happy to reply back.

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